Student profiles are available to all Lucidity College students, faculty, and alumni. Information you add to your Profile will appear in the Student Directory page on this website. On registration, you will automatically be logged in and able to begin editing your Profile. A valid email address is required and you will receive a registration confirmation by email. Because Lucidity College is a fantasy role play environment, avoid putting real life personally identifiable information in your avatar Profile on this site. Your user name, first name, and last name should be relevant to your Second Life avatar as enrolled at Lucidity College. Your email address will not be displayed publicly unless you so choose. Be sure to use a complex password or passphrase. We will never use your email address for any other use without obtaining your explicit consent. Contact Denver Houston with any problems, questions, or suggestions.
Be sure to use complex passwords: 12 more more characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters!