Lucidity College is located on the Sarek region in Second Life. You can visit us in world here.

Our campus features numerous classroom spaces and common areas, auditorium, movie theater, locker rooms, basketball court, skate park, and more.

Central Courtyard

Our main teleport will place you in front of our welcome center located in the ground floor of the clock town located in the central courtyard. Be sure to click the Welcome sign to receive your welcome package.

Main Buildings

Here you’ll find our main entrance and front desk plus a snack bar, game room, and library. Rumor has it some guys get up to no good in the men’s room found in the back hallway.


Our classrooms are furnished with digital whiteboards for ease of use by instructors and plenty of desks for students to learn in a distraction free environment.

The Lake (Outdoor Party Platform)

In the northwest corner of our campus, set on a small lake nestled in a scenic mountain valley, you’ll find The Lake, our nickname for our outdoor party venue. Check our events calendar for party dates and times!

Pool, Gym and Locker Room

Our school gym is complete with extensive exercise machines, a boxing ring, public showers, and lockers.

The Shelter

The shelter is our basement party venue. Dark and cozy, this is where we party when the professors aren’t watching.

And more…

The campus has a ton of locations to explore.